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Public Works
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Annual Road Postings

Every spring the Public Works posts the roads so that heavy vehicles will not damage the roads while the frost is working its way out to the ground.  The maximum registered weight of a vehicle allowed on posted roads is 23,000 pounds or less.  The rule shall not apply to any road that is frozen.  Frozen means the temperature is below 32 degrees and there is no standing water in the cracks.  The road is considered frozen if adjacent gravel driveways, shoulders, lawn remain frozen.  Once the roads are posted they remain as such until the postings are removed, generally no later than May 15th.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping us preserve our roads during the freeze thaw cycle.

Intersection Large Culvert Replacement, Route 43

The Maine Department of Transportation is currently working on preliminary engineering for a Large Culvert Replacement Project on Route 43 in Industry.  This project is currently scheduled to be advertised for competitive bids in late Winter 2025 and construction in late Summer and Fall of 2026.  Typically, construction for this type of project will take place during the instream work window which begins on July 15th and ends on September 30th.

Notice of Formal


To discuss a large culvert replacement (#1068804) located on Route 43 0.24 of a mile northeast of the Farmington town line.

MaineDOT  invites and encourages you  to review the meeting and share your thoughts on this project during the formal comment period from 12-18-202

Access to this and all other active meeting presentation is available at our Public Meetings Page located at   

Industry Rte. 43 WIN 27224.00 Large Culvert Replacement Location Map (2)_1.png
Ray Kelley Jr.
Road Commissioner

Town Garage
1037  Industry Road

Phone:  (207) 305-2007

Mailing Address
1033 Industry Road
Industry, ME  04938

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